Playa Game Industry Hub

Playa Game Industry Hub

One of the most effective game industry clusters clobally

Our vision is to make the Kotka-Hamina region the best place in the world to develop games!

We are a major supporter of the Finnish game industry

Strong game industry know-how

Leading experience in EU and Finnish public funding

Kotka-Hamina ICT & Game scene

We provide support:

For international collaboration

For the rapid growth of the startup ecosystem

  • Acceleration: Coaching, development, finance, consulting

  • Local community gatherings

  • Global events

  • Investor relations & events

For education and research

  • via college and university co-operation


In cooperation

Venture Gym is a specialist company, which is focused on developing its customers' business conditions.
Perilune thrives to make their apps fun and accessible paying extra attention in making products fast and easy to use.
Packing should be considered as a media or a tool to communicate.
Olento Life Ltd is a Finnish mHealth developer.
Hoikka Consulting Oy on liikkeenjohdon ja markkinoinnin konsultointitoimisto.
Health Revolution develops simple and easy-to-use nutrition coaching concepts for mobile platforms.
Dark Amber Softworks is a multi-disciplinary media consortium focusing on creating digital content.
AjoRanta is a development company concentrating on innovating, developing, marketing and new business opportunities.
Seepia games is a game studio from Finland whose goal is to provide top-quality entertainment for everyone.
Palko is specialized in developing digital customer service concepts providing solutions for various problems.
The award-winning game studio Headnought located in Lappeenranta creates games for both young and old players.
GoodLife Technology develops consumer and outcome driven solutions for healthcare and wellness domain.
Gamerefinery gives mobile game developers & publishers new superpowers.
Creations with a twist. Kiemura is a game company founded by a husband-wife team.
Acceleteam reinforces the internationalization of SMEs by assisting them in finding distribution channels, clients and investors.


Johanna Kunttu
Team Assistant
+358 40 190 2569
Tommi Sipilä
Game Expert
+358 40 190 2556
Vesa Raudasoja
Game Expert
+358 40 190 2577

We are on the edge of change. Living on a frontier we are modern pioneers. Driven forward by the fresh sea wind. Proud of our strong heritage. Ready to work hard for better times. Restless like jazz we won't stay put and never will. We are a community rooted in centuries of tradition. We owe it to the sailors, dockworkers, moonshiners, fortress builders and working-class heroes that forged the original spirit of the region and its inhabitants. True to our nature we are constantly evolving. Because we are raw by nature! 

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